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Dobaz items are distributed by official distributors to retailers and they have their own wholesale program. If you would like to open your wholesale account, you need to contact with the distributor who covers your country now.
At first please check if you are located in one of the following countries or not:
Japan/Russia/Australia/Bulgaria/Singapore/Malaysia/France/Netherlands/Greece/Czech/South Africa/Canada/Hongkong.

Wholesale for retailers in the distributor's territory
If you are in distributor's territory, you need to contact our distributor who covers your country.
1. Request wholesale information by email at
2. Our distributor will contact you with their own wholesale information.

Wholesale policies
1.Dobaz strictly prevents cheaper seller like ebay or outlet to buy and sell Dobaz items.
2.Distributor is responsible for all business like order, delivery, payment, return and etc.
3.Dobaz is not allowed to accept orders from the retailers in the distributor's country as the distributor agreement.

Wholesale for retailers in other countries
If there is no your country in the distributor's territory, you can order directly to dobaz headquarter.
1. Send you wholesale inquiry at INQUIRY PAGE or email to
2. Send your business registration certificate to headquarter by email or fax.
3. After review your inquiry and information, our salesman will open your wholesale account.
4. You can log in and access all information and order directly to headquarter.

If you need more information or you are confused with our wholesale program, please contact our
Global sales department anytime at:
Tel: 86-512-57152031
Skype: dobazsales